Petition Submission Deadlines: June 15 for fall term, November 1 for spring term
If you do not remember your UID you can find it at the Student Self-Service University ID Lookup. If you need help remembering your UID you can call the records office at 812-855-7797 or email
Contact Information
College Information
If you are currently attending or have completed coursework at a non IU college, university or community college since last enrolled at IUB campus, you MUST HAVE AN OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT SENT OR FAXED TO THE ADDRESS BELOW NOW, TO BE INCLUDED WITH YOUR PETITION. Do not submit transcripts to the IUB Office of Admissions.

OVPUE Records Office
Attn: Reinstatement Committee
1320 E. 10th Street
Wells Library, Room 002P
Bloomington, IN 47405-7101

For questions regarding transcripts email: or call: (812) 855-7797.

If you are currently enrolled in classes, the committee may require final grades before making a final decision. If grades are required your final petition decision will be deferred.
For assistance on this question go to GPA Calculation or meet with an advisor.
Behavioral Disclosure

Indiana University is committed to maintaining a safe learning environment. As part of that commitment, we require applicants to disclose information pertaining to any of the circumstances described below. A previous disciplinary action, charge, conviction, or conduct of the sort identified here does not automatically disqualify applicants from admission to IU Bloomington, but it does require review by the campus admissions committee.

PLEASE NOTE: By submitting your application, you acknowledge and agree that you have a continuing obligation to inform the university of any formal disciplinary action that occurs from now until your enrollment at IU. You must provide information to the campus admissions committee prior to class registration or class attendance, whichever is applicable. At that time, the campus admissions committee will review the information provided and may consider whether to delay or rescind your admission to IU.

Your petition will not be submitted until you upload your reinstatement essay. The committee reads reinstatement essays very carefully when making decisions.

Please answer the following questions in a minimum of 500 words:

  • What do you feel led to your dismissal? What have you done to address the issues that led to your academic difficulties?
  • What have you learned or accomplished during the time you were not attending IUB?
  • What are your academic strengths and weaknesses? Has that changed since you were last at IUB?
  • Has your major changed? If so why? If not, why has it remained the same?
  • What are your academic and long term goals? What is your plan to reach those goals?
Recommendation letters and resumes are accepted, but not required. They can be uploaded with your reinstatement petition.
Want to include more recommendations or other files? Click here.